Hello! On this web page you can find my activities in the context of networked publishing, situated software and collective infrastructures, often emerging through close encounters with peers, organisations and tools.

I am a former member of Varia, an educator at XPUB, a peer at Creative Crowds (CC), and close to PrePostPrint.


[April 2023] What can be (re)learned from operating shoulder-to-shoulder (or not)? I am taking time to chew on this question during a residency period at OSP.

Toward a Minor Tech emerged from a range of contributions around the notion of minor tech, during a 3-day sprint and workshop in London [January 2023]. The 12th edition of the Peer-reviewed Newspaper is made in a wiki-to-print environment hosted on the CC server, where contributors, editors and designers (Simon Browne and myself) produced the newspaper in parallel. We also published the code of this wiki-to-print boilerplate, to continue the trail of wiki-to/2-print/pdf configurations. Tripiti took care of the offset printing and shipped the newsletters to Berlin for their launch at the Transmediale later that month.

Through multiple moments of collective writing and designing at Varia, and while learning from ethertoff, ether2html, etherpash, etherbox, etherdump, and pad2print, but also just from using the software project etherpad ... octomode [2021] transformed into a collective editing space for PDF making, using Etherpad, Paged.js and Flask. Inspired by the multi-centered, tentacular cognition capabilities of the octopus, we imagined a space in which the artificial boundaries of writing and design can be crossed; where writing, editing and designing can be done in one environment simultaneously, allowing the format to influence the matter and vice-versa.

The book Volumetric Regimes, edited by Possible Bodies, published in [2022] by Open Humanities Press as part of the Data Browser series, is made with wiki-to-print.

The Publishing Partyline brought a group of practicioners together working or curious about web-to-print practices, during a two-day collective learning situation in [October 2022] at Varia. To prepare for this moment, Simon Browne and i produced a set of viewpoint cards and hosted a radio conversation series in which we interviewed practicioners (OSP), tool makers (Paged.js), and educators (Julien Bidoret and Quentin Juhel).

logbot (with Varia) [since 2021] More-than-computational reflections (with Cristina Cohior) [2022] Inrastructural Publishing (with Femke Snelting, Cristina Cohior + peers) [since 2021] asciiWriter (with Gijs de Heij) [2019] SWAAT#00 (with XPUB/Michael Murtaugh) [2021] Digital Solidarity Networks (with Varia/Cristina Cochior and Lídia Pereira + peers) [2021] Plaintext Partyline + log (with Varia/Danny Thirdas-van der Kleij) [2021] x-dexing (with Jara Rocha) [2020] Bots as Digital Infrapunctures (with Cristina Cochior) [2021] Data Workers publication (for Algolit) [2019] Reclaiming Digital Infrastructures (with Varia/Cristina Cochior, for KASK Gent) [2021] A Nourishing Network (with Alice Strete) [2020/2021] VLTK (Vernacular Language Processing) (with Varia/Sofia Boschat-Thorez and Cristina Cochior) [2021] Digital Solidarity Networks event series (with Varia/Cristina Cochior, Lídia Pereira and Julia Bande) [2021] Not for Any* (with Varia/Joana Chicau) [2020] Iterations (with Jara Rocha, for Constant VZW) [2020] Relearn (with many peers) [2014, 2015, 2017, 2019]


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